improve Quality of Life for your patients And Increase Your Passive Income!
"I can play golf again and I have little to no pain. I use my Pain Eraser every day and I am now able to use bands and light weights to excercise."
- Mike McShane, Professional Golf Instructor

Remove obstacles to cure and Stimulate the Vis!

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  • Benefit Complex Conditions: Fibromyalgia, RA, CRPS, Dysautonomias
  • Poor surgical candidate? This is a must-have tool in their at-home arsenal to improve quality of life. 
  • Simple and Easy: You share your personalized link. We take it from there. If they enroll, you get paid. 
Hi! My name is Dr. Brandy Rose Lipscomb
I'm a 2006 graduate of Bastyr University's Naturopathic Medicine Program. I was a busy primary care physician for 10 years. In 2017, I sold my practice  to pursue a calling. 

I am here to change the way we view and treat pain in this country. 

I run a concierge style home-based program for individuals with chronic, acute and post-operative pain. We incorporate a patient-specific PT program with dynamic neuromodulation to achieve outcomes better than either one alone. 

I formed this Partnership Program because I have seen the results that my clients can achieve when their doctors tell them "Nothing else can be done." 

Pain is complex, and you may not have the time to perform hours of therapy on your patient. But you can make this recommendation to them knowing that it will significantly reduce their pain and improve their health. And best bonus ever: you get a 10% commission payment for each enrollment. $460-$525 per life improved. 

I live for Win-Win-Win Scenarios! :) 
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